Ducky decides to grill out in the rain

By | 2017-10-05T11:43:57+00:00 October 5th, 2017|Animals|

It was a wet and murky day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. The reason for the rather deplorable climate was quite simple: it had been raining for almost the past twenty-four hours straight, and as a result the whole of Saint Augustine was soaked down to its shingles. The air was so clogged [...]

The Ice Cream Escapade

By | 2017-09-07T12:03:42+00:00 September 7th, 2017|Animals|

It was... technically a warm and sunny day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. The word ‘technically’ is used here due to the fact that the descriptors utilized are somewhat inaccurate, though not necessarily incorrect. The word ‘warm’ was right, as the day was nowhere near being ‘cold’, but it didn’t quite fit on [...]

Ducky Visits Whetstone Chocolates

By | 2017-09-02T18:29:10+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Animals|

It was a dark, gloomy, absolutely no-good day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. ...actually, that’s not quite right. In reality, the sun was shining quite brightly on the market, and the temperature was hanging steady so that things were neither too hot nor too cold, but just right. In other words, a most [...]

A Going-Away Gift for Chef Ryan

By | 2017-09-02T18:24:54+00:00 August 24th, 2017|Animals, Children's Books|

It was a warm and dusky morning at the Rype & Readi Farm. The temperature was neither too hot nor too cold, the wind was bust a gentle breeze, and the sparse cloud cover served to filter and darken the sun’s early rays so that they were not truly as oppressively blinding as they could [...]

A Ducky Day at Rype & Readi

By | 2017-09-02T18:37:31+00:00 August 9th, 2017|Animals|

It was a bright and sunny day... exactly anywhere else in the world except at the Rype & Readi Farm Market in Saint Augustine. Or Saint Augustine in general for that matter. No, the weather that Saint Augustine was experiencing was the exact polar opposite of bright and sunny. Rather, the skies high above the [...]

Melon Mischief

By | 2017-08-21T19:36:13+00:00 July 31st, 2017|Animals|

It was a bright and sunny day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market... aaaaand honestly, that was it. The sun was shining warmly, there was an even enough mix of clouds and wind in the air so as to keep the day from swinging to either the sweltering or torrential ends of the weather [...]

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Gomez and Hershey Square Off

By | 2017-07-27T15:28:52+00:00 July 17th, 2017|Animals|

It was a quiet and peaceful day on the Rype-! “Take that back you shaggy-haired hill-billygoat!” “Make me, you mu-u-u-ud colored walkin’ bag of wool!” ...why do I even bother? This self-same sentiment was running through Paprika’s head as she ambled over to the central courtyard of the Farm Market, where all the hubbub was [...]

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