Chocolate Gravy Mix

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Your mama didn't make chocolate gravy when you were growing up? You poor child! [Almost] every Southerner savors the creamy breakfast favorite, biscuits and gravy. But on rare occasions, Mama would  break out the chocolate gravy. Maybe it was for a birthday, or maybe she was feeling a little generous that Sunday morning—no matter the [...]

Fresh Seafood

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Fresh Whole Hogfish, Shrimp, Mussels & Clams, and more! What's a Hogfish, you ask? Often called Hog Snapper, the Hogfish is actually a member of the wrasse family. It is distinguishable for its curious appearance as well as its elusiveness to rod-and-reel anglers. By Albert Kok at nl.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,  

Urban Accents Chick’n Brine & Bake Kits

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Urban Accents Nashville Hot & Spicy Chick'n Brine & Bake Kit Dry chicken, be gone! Brining is the chef’s secret to juicy meat . Urban Accents' complete Nashville Hot & Spicy Chick’n Brine & Bake Kit contains our secret spicy brine blend to lock in the juice, fiery peri peri rub to flavor the meat, and [...]

Spanish Ceramics and Paella Pans

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Ceramics Ceramics are glazed clay cooking dishes (sometimes referred to as terra cotta dishes) that may be used in the oven, on the stovetop, over a grill, or in a microwave. They're made in many shapes and sizes, but are most often shallow and round. Unlike paella pans, cazuelas retain heat long after they've been removed from the [...]

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