Rype & Readi Golf Bistro

fork-salad-vegetables-isolated-white-watercolor-painting-background-47785080Restaurant & Bar • Farm-to-Fork Menu

Local & Seasonal Ingredients • Open Daily 7am – 8pm


As Elkton’s first Farm-to-Fork restaurant, Rype & Readi Golf Bistro wants to share the joy of farm fresh cuisine, using foods grown on our very own farm or the local farms around us. To us at Rype & Readi, farm fresh means you start the day with scrambled eggs, so fresh, they were gathered from the hens just minutes before. The tomatoes in your lunch were just picked and are still warm from the sun. Your dinner is based on what is fresh and ripe that day and you often eat it right in the kitchen.

Real farm food is humble, yet rich and elegant in its understated simplicity and is best enjoyed in a relaxed, casual environment with family and friends.

Our Chefs want you to experience a modern take on honest farm food. The organic ingredients shine here, presented in familiar ways but reimagined. We hope our creative approach to real food will draw people together and provide a positive community experience for the neighborhoods of Elkton, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville, Florida.


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