Ariston Balsamic Gift Bottles

Ariston balsamic vinegar

These special Balsamic gift bottles are made of hand-blown glass. The Balsamic Vinegar is organic.

Ariston’s History

For more than 300 years, the Ariston family has been growing, producing, bottling, and distributing the best extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata Greece to the entire world.

It is said that when the ancient Athenians wanted to make their city, the two finalist gods were Poseidon and Athena. Poseidon struck the earth with his trident and water came out. Athena gave them the olive tree. Athena won and therefore the city was named Athens. That is a small measure of how much olive oil is loved for and cared for in Greece.

In Kalamata region (southwest of Athens) this love has been carried out for thousands of years. Today through us, you can taste the difference of a product of a thousands of years of experience.

In 1999, we finally found a balsamic vinegar (12 years old) from Modena Italy which was good enough to be called Ariston.

These Ariston Gift Bottles of Balsamic Vinegar make wonderful hostess gifts or a thoughtful gift for your favorite cook.


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