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Watermelon Martini

By | 2018-07-25T19:44:12+00:00 July 25th, 2018|Recipes|

Aside from Margaritas and Mojitos, our favorite Summer martini is made with real watermelon juice. It's bright, pink and delish! Sip this poolside or at your next backyard BBQ! Ingredients 1.5 oz Vodka 3 oz Stirrings Simple Watermelon Martini Mixer Ice Watermelon Wedges   Directions In a shaker with ice, combine Vodka and Watermelon Martini [...]


By | 2018-07-25T18:58:56+00:00 July 25th, 2018|Products|

Pecans are one of the more popular nuts indigenous to Mexico and the U.S. Pecan trees are large, deciduous trees that belong to the hickory family. The rich, buttery shellof the pecan is golden brown outside and beige inside. The kernel of the pecan can occupy 40% to 60% of the space inside the shell. [...]

Nuco Coconut Wraps

By | 2018-07-12T16:39:16+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Products|

From savory to sweet, NUCO Coconut Wraps are an ideal replacement for your sandwiches, crêpes, tacos & burritos, or whatever you desire - or even as a snack. Derived from Non-GMO Coconuts Gluten and Grain-Free Paleo and Keto Diet Approved Low-Carb Vegan and Raw Corn, Yeast, Starch, Soy, Lard, Egg, and Dairy-Free

Miracle Pho With A Kick!

By | 2018-07-12T16:40:21+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Recipes|

Ingredients: 1 bag Miracle Noodle Ready-to-Eat Vegan Pho 1 stalk chopped green onions 1 large red chili pepper 1 hard boiled egg Top with sesame seeds Directions: Prepare noodles and broth according to package instructions. Heat the broth mixture, noodles, and water. Once hot, add green onions, chopped chili, and sliced boiled egg. Top with [...]

Black Bean and Chickpea Pasta

By | 2018-07-12T16:19:54+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Products|

  Explore Cuisine Organic Bean Pastas are a wonderful line of unique, gluten free, high protein and low carb pastas specially created to suit traditional cuisine, classic western dishes, and address many of the dietary needs of today's consumer. We carry two delicious varieties: the Black Bean Spaghetti and the Chickpea Fusilli. They cook up to [...]

Miracle Rice and Noodles

By | 2018-07-12T16:43:07+00:00 July 11th, 2018|Products|

If you're interested in trying plant-based naturally low carb noodles and rice to add something new and healthy to your diet, Miracle Noodle is the best place to start! We're the purveyors of the original Miracle Noodle shirataki noodles, and we can help you easily implement this healthy, low-carb pasta into your everyday diet. All [...]

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