Azar Sausages

Azar smoked sausageProudly served at Everbank Field and Dailey’s Place, home of the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Founder John P. Azar and family immigrated from the Old Country to America in 1924. While owning a small grocery store in Jacksonville, Florida, John began making sausage in the back for family and friends. As his sausage business grew, the family grocery store soon became a state inspected plant and Azar Sausage Company was founded. In 1960, John’s son Raymond came on board and established Azar Sausage Company as a national brand.

Azar Sausage Company is now operating under its third generation, Raymond and his sons, Phillip and John Azar (grandsons of John P. Azar). Today, the Azars are still using the same original recipes and continue to maintain their standard of excellence.  The sausage comes only from the highest quality of meats, seasoned with the finest herbs and all products are federally inspected.  All of the processing is packaged under the watchful eyes of the Azar family to ensure the high quality of flavor originally developed by John P. Azar.

We carry their Andouille, Mild & Hot Smoked Sausage. Look for more of their line to be added to the Rype & Readi market soon!

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