Cane Syrup

Rype and Readi Farm Cane Syrup JR WeldonR&R is proud to feature cane syrup made the old-fashioned way.

J.R. Weldon (born in 1932) uses a machine made in 1926, just slightly older than him. It’s hard for many of us to imagine the time and effort that goes into producing a bottle of perfectly sweet cane syrup.

For example, a growing season of several months is required. The selection of soil and of the cane itself are an interesting lesson in conservation. The best type of soil for growing ribbon cane is light, sandy bottom land which produces a brighter, clearer, and sweeter product.

Seven to ten gallons of raw juice boil down to just one gallon of syrup. Enjoy this natural sweetener on pancakes, waffles, or biscuits, stirred into baked beans, or as a baste for fish or barbecue.

Stop by and taste this Florida treasure. We think you’ll agree the flavor is incredible.

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