Caramel discovers the computer

It was a bright and sunny-! Ah, sorry, force of habit.

In truth, it was not a bright and sunny day on the Rype & Readi Farm Market… because it wasn’t actually ‘day’ at all at the moment. Rather, it was a dark and quiet evening, with the stars bedazzling the night sky and a cool breeze wafting through the dark streets.

Or, well… through the mostly dark streets. There was still one spot of light remaining in the Farm Market, and it was shining from the window to the Market’s office.

The cause, one might wonder? A computer located in the room, which was currently being put to use not by an overeager employee, but rather by an overeager animal.

The young lamb Caramel was the one currently putting the computer to use, surfing the internet with deft maneuvering of the mouth with her hooves… and some extended hunt-and-pecking on the keyboard using a pencil.

Still, while operating the machine wasn’t very easy, Caramel was dedicated to the task. So dedicated, in fact…



That she almost jumped clean out of the chair she was squatting in when a hoof poked her leg.

Getting her heart rate under control, Caramel looked down and blinked in surprise as she found one of her aunts looking up at her. “O-oh, hello Aunt Coffee. Did you need something?”

“Just telling you it’s time to go to bed, dear,” Coffee informed the lamb.

“Oh, all right,” Caramel nodded, looking back at the computer. “I’ll go to sleep in a minute, I just need to finish something.”

“Mmm… Caramel hummed uncertainly before nodding her acceptance, however reluctant, and turning to trot off. “Very well, very well. Just don’t stay up too late, dear.”

“I won’t,” Caramel offhandedly waved her hoof in farewell.

And so the older sheep trotted off, leaving the lamb to her affairs.

Caramel, the babydoll sheep


It was truly a bright and sunny morning on the Rype and Readi Farm Market!… for all but a single animal who lived there.

“Mmmmrgh…” Caramel moaned miserably as she shoved her head under a clump of hay. “Someone turn the sun oooooff…”

“Mmph, I knew this would happen,” Coffee huffed as she watched her niece try her best to crawl away from the sun. “Well, this makes my decision obvious: No more computer for you!”

“What!?” Caramel snapped her head up in protest, the verdict breaking through her rest-deprived stupor. “But Aunt Coffee-!”

“Young lady, my decision is-!”

“Now now, let’s not be hasty there, hm?”

Coffee cut herself off as a newcomer made their presence known, and she turned to face their feathered visitor. “Drake? You have something to say?”

“Just a… correction, if you will,” the duck waved his wing calmly. “You see, you’re passing judgement without reason, my lady. The issue here is not with the machine, but the user. The computer didn’t make Caramel stay up late, she chose to do so on her own! Isn’t that right, Caramel?”

“Uh… well, yeah,” the lamb nodded in confirmation.

“Then it’s obvious what must be done,” Drake nodded sagely. “Rather than ban computers altogether, just enforce her bedtimes with more efficacy. After all, computers are just tools. How we use them is up to us.”

“Hm…” Coffee mulled it over for a moment before nodding in agreement. “You make a good point. Thank you, Drake.”

“Happy I could help!” Drake waved happily, starting to waddle off… before glancing back at Caramel. “Satisfy a duck’s curiosity, would you? What were you doing that kept you up so late?”

Caramel hung her head with a moan. “Watching YouTube videos…”

At that… all the older animals could do was wince in sympathy.

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