Caramel Goes Swimming

It all started with Cocoa and Coffee, the resident Babydoll sheep, lounging in the lawn, enjoying the sun’s rays shining down upon their sheared wool and keeping them nice and warm in the cool morning air. Or rather, it started in their general vicinity as they were so relaxed that no words were being exchanged.

Simply put, it all started when Cocoa noticed Caramel trotting by the two of them with an eager grin on her muzzle.

“Hello Caramel,” the twin greeted with a lazy smile. “Where are you off to looking so happy?”

“Hi Aunt Cocoa!” Caramel bleated eagerly, all but hopping in place she was so full of energy. “I’m going to have some fun! You know how the new ducks in the back have a pond set up in that old bathtub?”

Caramel, the Babydoll Sheep, goes swimming!Cocoa leaned her head up in confusion as she tried to follow the change of topic. “Yeeeees, what about it?”

“Well, seeing as unlike you, I still have all my wool,” Caramel ran her hoof through thick and fluffy coat with her tongue stuck out miserably. “The sun is really making me hot, and I don’t want to have to stay inside!” the lamb then perked right back up with an eager smile. “So, the ducks invited me to go and swim with them so that I can cool off! Isn’t that nice? Well, see ya!” And with that, the lamb started to trot off again.

Cocoa hastily snapped into a sitting position with a panicked bleat. “Ah, Caramel, wait! You shouldn’t do that!”

“Huh?” Caramel paused and blinked at her aunt in confusion. “Why not?”

“You see-!” Cocoa started to explain…

“Because we said so, Caramel.”

Only for her to be interrupted by a still-lax Coffee.

“Wait, wha-?!” Cocoa looked at her twin in confusion.

“What!?” Caramel scoffed, disbelief in her tone of voice. “That’s not a reason!”

“Sure it is,” Coffee shrugged lazily, barely budging from her prone position. “We’re adults, you’re the child, and we’re saying you shouldn’t do something. That should be reason enough for you. But, if it isn’t, then you go right ahead and do whatever you want. We won’t stop you.”

“What!?” Cocoa yelped incredulously. “Coffee, that’s-!”

“Well I want to cool down and have fun, so I will go swimming, so there!” Caramel sniffed petulantly, and before Cocoa could react she’d turned around and dashed off, rounding the barn in seconds.

Cocoa stared after her niece in horror for a second before snapping a glare at her twin. “Why did you do that?! You knew that she would react badly to a reason as asinine as that, and you know why she shouldn’t try and swim!”

“To teach her a lesson she needs to learn,” Coffee hummed as she stretched her limbs a bit. “Just wait, I’ll explain once she gets back.”

Cocoa ground her teeth in aggravation but, ultimately, she elected to recline and try relaxing anew.

A few minutes later, this relaxation was broken by a sopping wet and, far more pressingly, putrid-smelling Caramel slowly trotting up to them with a grimace.

Cocoa winced sympathetically as she clamped a hoof over her nose. “Oh, honey…”

“Why didn’t you tell me that wet wool smells so bad?” she whined plaintively.

“I told you that you shouldn’t go swimming,” Coffee grunted unapologetically.

“But you only said I shouldn’t go because you said so!” Caramel complained.

“And sometimes,” Coffee righted herself into a sitting position as she gave the lamb a hard glare. “You won’t get explanations on why you should or shouldn’t do something, and you should trust that the person telling you about this knows what they’re talking about.”

“But that’s… I…” Caramel trailed off uncomfortably.

The older sheep gave her niece a warm smile. “I’m not saying you shouldn’t question things ever, but sometimes it’s best to trust that there’s a reason for somebody saying you should or shouldn’t do something. All right?”

“Yes Aunt Coffee…”

“Great. Now,” Coffee shook herself a bit as she got to her hooves, nodding her head towards the Market. “Let’s go and see if Chef Gordon doesn’t know about anything that could help mask that smell of yours.”



by Baxter Balick, Rype & Readi Contributing Writer, Flagler Sophomore College Student


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