The Curious History of Scarecrows

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The original scarecrows were nothing like the now familiar straw-stuffed icon of Halloween. Scarecrows, sometimes bearing an animal skull or even rotting produce, were placed in fields in the spring and were burned after the Autumn harvest in celebration, their ashes returning nutrients of potassium and nitrogen to the soil. Through the ages farmers have [...]

Pretty, Practical Potager Gardens

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In the French kitchen garden or potager, gardeners have intermingled vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs since medieval times. Often called the jardin de curé, or country curate's garden, this intimate and sensual style is comparable to that of the English cottage garden, except that it is centered on vegetables rather than flowers. The potager garden is a bit [...]

Decorating with Pumpkins

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There's something about turning over the calendar on your wall to the month of September, signalling the end of summer and eliciting thoughts of crisp autumn weather, warm sweaters, and the advent of Fall holidays... that is oh, so inspiring. You know, those holidays that conjure thoughts of delicious home-cooked meals, pumpkins and gourds for [...]

Dan’s the Man for North Florida’s Best Blueberries

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Blueberries, blueberries, blueberries! Tis the season for Northeast Florida’s juiciest and plump blueberries. These blueberries are not only delicious in pies, smoothies, salads, jams, muffins and pancakes; they are incredibly healthy for you. Current research done by The United States Highbush Blueberry Council’s research shows that blueberries can help with anti-aging, infection fighting, improved eyesight, [...]


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In the May 2017 Issue of Florida Grower How Florida Growers Are Agritaining and Gaining by Paul Rusnak Nearly 113 million people! That mind-blowing figure represents the number of tourists the Sunshine State welcomed last year, according to statistics from Visit Florida. Not an anomaly, the number marked the sixth consecutive record-breaking year in that regard. [...]

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Classroom for a Day

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Tucked away in St. Augustine is a boarding school for sensory-impaired children pre-school through 12th grade. The largest of its kind in Florida, it is Florida’s primary public school for children who are deaf or blind. On April 21, Rype & Readi Farm became the classroom for the day when two 3rd grade classes, led [...]

Field Trips, Fractional Shares for Schools Available at Rype & Readi Farm-to-Fork

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In days gone by, children knew the vegetables on their plate were grown in a garden, the fried chicken they loved so much was also a farm product, and the glass of milk they enjoyed with their favorite homemade cookie was compliments of Bessie the cow or Nanny the goat. Not so with the newest [...]

Rype & Readi Farm Market to Offer Free-Range Chickens

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Rype & Readi Farm Market, in exclusive partnership with Wesley Wells Farms, will offer fresh, local, free-range chickens beginning on March 28. Wesley Wells Farms is well known for humanely raising sustainably-farmed local chickens following best organic practices. Chickens will be offered with fixed pricing: Bird for 2 (< 3 lbs.) $10 Bird for 3 (< 4 [...]


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R&R was delighted to have the help of UF PWACS with our hydroponics! The UF IFAS Hastings Downtown Facility consists of approximately 64 acres of land located off Highway 13 in St. Johns County, Florida.  

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