Pita Pockets

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A pita pocket sandwich makes a nutritious and handy lunch! Here are some ideas for stuffing them: Pita Pocket Sandwhich: Middle East Pita Bread Lettuce, Spinach, or Baby Kale Sliced apples or pears Sliced cucumbers Sliced radishes Dried cranberries Farmhouse pickles Slices of red or yellow bell peppers Sliced red tomatoes Sliced cheese Slices of deli [...]

Bee’s Wrap

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Rype and Readi now has Bee's Wrap on deck. For those who prioritize being plastic free in a world gone toxic, or if you just love natural organic products that show love and appreciation for the ecosystem -Bee's Wrap is your go-to food preserver. Whether it's for sustainability or sheer convenience, try our bee's wrap [...]


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Whether it's "Bites On A Board", "A Farmgirl's Table", "Salsas and Tacos", "Savage Salads", "Uptown Down South Cuisine", or others, Rype and Readi Downtown Farm Market carries an array of books for any aspiring foody, cook, or connoisseur. You're welcome to stop by and peruse them, or pick one up and see what you can't [...]


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Pecans are one of the more popular nuts indigenous to Mexico and the U.S. Pecan trees are large, deciduous trees that belong to the hickory family. The rich, buttery shellof the pecan is golden brown outside and beige inside. The kernel of the pecan can occupy 40% to 60% of the space inside the shell. [...]

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