Pepper Creek Farms Herbs & Spices

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Whether you're wanting something with zest or maybe just a little hot, it's tough to beat the quality of Pepper Creek Farms herbs and spices. With a vast array of different options -such as basil, chilli powder, herbs of provence, nutmeg, or gourmet salt and pepper- we're proud to offer this exceptional brand. Perfect for [...]

Rype & Readi Datil Pepper Vinegar

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Great for cocktails or to just add some spice and tartness to any dish, our very own Rype & Readi Datil Pepper Vinegar is a great condiment to keep on hand. Grown primarily right here in St. Augustine, datil peppers are among the world's hottest, and in addition to the vinegar, we carry them in [...]

Rype & Readi Buttermilk Pancake Mix

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Our very own Rype & Readi Buttermilk Pancake mix is what you need to make those delicious flapjacks! Whether it's breakfast or breakfast-for-dinner, there's nothing quite like homemade pancakes made with fresh, quality ingredients. Flour and fermentation combined offer you all you need for a stack enriched by the creamy texture of real buttermilk. Stop [...]

Organic Sweet Dumpling Squash

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Sweet dumpling squash, also known as winter squash, is unique for its hard, thick skin. With flavors ranging from nutty to somewhat sweet, this squash is packed with beta-carotene and vitamin A, making it nutritious as well as delicious. Whether you're going for a light meal, something creamy and rich, Mexican cuisine, or something you [...]

Divina Green Olive Spread

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A bright and herbal spread that pairs wonderfully with goat cheese, brie and charcuterie, Divine Green Olive Spread is made with simple ingredients such as green olives, capers, garlic powder, oregano, sea salt, and citric acid. Non-GMO and of gourmet quality standards, whether you're looking to pair it with something or eat it alone, you're [...]

Verdant Kitchen Ginger Products

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Verdant Kitchen is a gourmet and wellness company focused on the ginger and turmeric family of spices. Crafting artisan foods and beverages using the highest quality ingredients, they are located in the coastal town of Savannah, Georgia. These spices have been at the intersection of gourmet and wellness for millennia. Enjoy Ginger Syrup, crystalized Ginger, Bare [...]

Mississippi Purple Hull Peas

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Similar to blackeye peas in shape and size, in addition to their prominent purple spot, these peas have a wide array of culinary uses. A warm annual crop that doesn't abide well by frost, these peas are well known for their uses in the warmer, sunnier climate of the deep south. Having more folate than [...]

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