Cypress Bleu Cheese

Cypress Bleu Cheese

We have in stock Winter Park Dairy — raw milk Bleu Cheese and Smoked Bleu Cheese — one of the only cheeses made in Florida!

Florida’s First Raw Milk Cheesemaker
Est. 2008

Winter Park Dairy is the first USDA/State of Florida licensed raw milk cheese plant and is the pioneer in producing 100% natural raw milk artisan cheese. It is also the smallest, least mechanized and most urban.  The raw milk cheesemaking process means that pasteurizers are not used to heat and destroy the integrity of the milk. Our signature cheese “Bleu Sunshine” is handcrafted and fully aged in only 60 days. It is the only raw milk product that can legally be purchased. Produced in small wheels, “Bleu Sunshine” ages to perfection quickly and maintains the closest possible connection to the cow and farm.  Fresh From Florida means just that – Fresh.

Because our cheese is hand-made, there will be variations in color, flavor and texture from one batch to another or even between wheels from the same batch. These variations serve to emphasize the unique nature of the product, but have no effect on the quality. The cheese is cut by hand and package sizes will vary slightly from one package to another.

The cheese is made in a traditional hot water heated vat imported from Holland. The temperature is slowly increased from 45 to 90 degrees F. No Hotter. Gently agitated by hand, the fresh raw milk undergoes the 3000 year old tradition of becoming cheese. Really fresh and natural cheese from Farm to Table.

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