Decorative Gourds

What can you do with a common gourd? Gourds come in all sizes and shapes, and many are suitable for carving.

Gourds are members of the Cucurbitaceae (curcurbit for short) family, which produces hard-shelled, mostly edible fruit. It is a very large family with more than 100 genera and 1,000 species. It’s interesting to note here that many of the vegetables and fruit you purchase at the farm market are also cucurbits, including pumpkins, winter squash, melons, zucchini, and cucumbers. But be mindful, gourds are the only fruit from this family that produce hard enough shells for crafting.

The large green gourds are the type of gourds 98% of crafters use for their art. Green gourds are able to produce very thick, hard shells. The thickness depends on several factors: length of growing season and variety of green gourd. There are many varieties of green gourds and they are often named after their shape such as apple, bottle, tobacco, snake, and canteen.

A wide variety of gourd shapes and sizes yields an array of art pieces, including: ornaments, bowls, sculpture, vases, and wall art such as masks. Artistic styles can range from craft to fine art.

Enjoy some of the decorative gourds by Rype & Readi Marketing Director, Rhonda Burns:


Tobacco Gourd laced with pine needles and dried philodendron leaves


carved gourd

Carved gourd with maple leaf design


carved gourd mask

Have a piece of scrap gourd? Find fun ways to use them!

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