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Dear Friends, Family and Valued Patrons of Rype & Readi

As we close 2018 and look forward to our 5th year, we once again welcome and will be challenged by change.

As many of you know, we took a calculated risk in opening at the Colee Stables downtown.

Property ownership had been disputed and litigated for the last 9 years. Finally resolved, we were regrettably unable to come to reasonable terms with the new owner and our lease ends on the 31st of December. This was complicated in part by a commitment we had made to expand our market operations downtown beginning next fall, adjacent to a well known, well trafficked anchor.

Rest assured Rype & Readi will have a downtown presence again. But for the immediate near term, we are consolidating operation to our St. John’s Golf Club facility where we will focus on catering, prepared foods, dinner events, cooking classes and, of course, a market for fresh local fine foods.

Please be sure to keep in contact with our social media on Facebook, Instagram, our website & newsletter to follow our happenings and special offerings.

Our location at the St. John’s Golf Club is a diamond in the rough. In addition to having a full restaurant and bar, we have a magnificent patio overlooking acres of manicured greens, gorgeous in the daylight and tranquil in the evenings when the golfer’s day is done.

With plenty of space on the terrace and adjacent properties (including parking for several hundred cars) this venue, at the intersection of State Road 207 and I-95 promises to host some creative, exciting and delightful family events throughout the coming year.

We fondly wish you all a festive and memorable holiday season and thank you for your continued support. Please let us know if there is any event, occasion or opportunity to help you celebrate life though a special event with great food and smiling faces.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With Profound Appreciation,

Your friends at Rype & Readi

Throughout its 100-plus-year history, the location of the Rype & Readi Downtown Farm Market – a prime location in Lincolnville, a historic district of St. Augustine, Florida — has served as a transfer station, stagecoach garage, and horse stables.

Fast forward and the location now has the flair of a European village marketplace where local residents, amateur cooks, and professional chefs can stroll through the aisles, shelves, and dairy cases and pick through the daily offerings to create one-of-a-kind tasty meals.

Here you’ll find an array of fresh, locally grown, and organic vegetables that you might be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Each season brings its own specialties to the market: strawberries, cherries, and asparagus in spring and early summer; blueberries and melons later in the summer; mushrooms, apples, and pears in the autumn; and oranges, nuts, and root vegetables in winter. Also featured are cheeses and yogurts from local dairy farms; fresh, seasonal fruits; artisan breads; homemade fruit and ice cream shakes, and specialty items such as Honey Crystals and Madagascar Vanilla Extract.

Even when you are not on the lookout for anything in particular, an inspiring stroll around this market will awaken your taste buds. Cooking demonstrations by local professional chefs are frequently conducted. Sign up for our weekly e-news to be alerted of all the special things we have in store for you!


Fresh from the garden means better tasting, more nutrient-rich foods for you and your family! You’ll love our selection of locally grown foods, from our own garden and many of the other fine gardens in St. Johns and surrounding counties. In addition, we’re constantly on the lookout for some of the most unusual and hard-to-find culinary products from around the world. We think you’ll enjoy the ever-changing selections we invite you to peruse.

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The Animals

Have you ever met a Babydoll Sheep? We have some of the sweetest registered Olde English Miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep, from an ancient breed with sweet, teddy bear faces. Our resident goats are friendly, inquisitive, and playful. Our donkeys, Monty and Clyde, ask that we please give them an equally high billing. All in all, we have several varieties of farm animals, each with their own unique personality. We invite you to follow along and get to know all of them better by following our weekly stories of the escapades of the R&R motley crew! Sign up for the newsletter and never miss a story. Most include downloadable coloring pages and/or mazes for extra fun.

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The Other Animals (Our Staff)

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Sweet as pie!


She loves our barn spiders and is our resident tour guide!!


Our horse stall mucker and general all around gal!


Our master Gardner and all around plant person!


Smart as a tack, our gal is great!!  She just can’t always see things that are right in front of her…


OMG – what can we say – fun loving and happy – Chelsea is our gal


Downtown market manager, Jennifer has a degree in Culinary Arts, makes websites like the one you are on now and try’s to keep all the animals in line!