Ducky decides to grill out in the rain

It was a wet and murky day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. The reason for the rather deplorable climate was quite simple: it had been raining for almost the past twenty-four hours straight, and as a result the whole of Saint Augustine was soaked down to its shingles. The air was so clogged with humidity that a fish wouldn’t have had trouble swimming through the air if it felt so inclined.

As a result, most everyone was locked up in their homes, each and every human in the city and animal in the market doing their utmost best to stay high and dry… save for a pair of supremely content mallards who were enjoying the – in their biased opinion – supremely pleasant weather all on their lonesome.

Thankfully, for Ducky and Drake’s sake, the two had long since learned better than to flaunt their aquatic tendencies in front of their more arid-inclined compatriots. Hence, the two were off splashing around in whatever puddles they so chose all on their lonesome.

This suited Ducky just fine, because he’d prefer that no one were around to witness the little endeavor he was about to undertake.


You see, ever since Hurricane Irma, one of the changes that the Rype & Readi Farm Market had adopted was the presence of hot meals on their menu at the end of every week, typically BBQ like ribs or pulled pork.

And as for how this all related to Ducky? Weeeeell, due to the rain, the BBQ grill was left quite unattended under its awning, and it presented quite the opportunity for Ducky, who was quite interested in tasting the smoked meats. After all, if it wasn’t bird, it wasn’t a problem in his books!

And so, it was with an eager grin and a hefty stick under his wing that Ducky flapped his way onto the grill’s handle, licking his beak eagerly. “Ooooh, this is gonna be gooood…” he whispered to himself.

With a deft display of avian strength, the duck wedged his wingtip under the lip of the grill, pushed the cover open and propped it open with the stick.

Ducky was all but salivating as the smell of grilled meat wafted over him. “Coooome to papa!” he giggled eagerly, reaching his wings towards the ribs-!


When, without warning, the branch suddenly buckled under the lid’s weight and snapped in half…


Allowing the lid to slam down on Ducky’s wings.

It took the duck a second to process what had happened, but once it did?


He reacted… appropriately.


“So, what have we learned today?” Drake chided his brother, his beak upturned in an amused grin.

“Mmmph mmph mmmph.”

“That’s right!” Drake nodded in confirmation. “To say nothing of needing to ask for permission, when undertaking a task that is clearly beyond our capabilities, we ask someone better suited for help, that is precisely correct! So glad you understand, Ducky!”


“Ah, Drake?”

“Hm?” Drake glanced to the side and smiled as Paprika trotted up. “Ah, hello my dear, what is it?”

“I was just wondering… if Ducky’s wingtips were what were slammed…” Paprika eyed Ducky’s glowering, gauze-covered visage. “Why is his beak wrapped.”

“Oh, nothing serious, I assure you,” Drake turned an impish grin on his brother. “I just wanted him to stop whining is all. I have to look after the health of my ears, you know! Honestly… I think I might prefer him this way, don’t you?”



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