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Drive by our Elkton Farm, less than 5 miles off I-95, and you might see bright yellow school busses lined up and children from surrounding areas on a field trip they’ll long remember. We make learning about agriculture fun by tailoring field trips to suit the age of your students. The farm is also available for private functions under the large outdoor tent.

Both the field trips and the private functions are by reservation only. E-mail rypenreadi@gmail.com for reservations.

To see firsthand the people who do the hard work of caring for animals or raising crops the old-fashioned way in order bring healthy, wholesome food to your family – it’s special. It’s so much more than a package of meat or a bundle of produce off the grocery store shelf that came from who knows where and was treated who knows how.

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Field Trips

In days gone by, children knew the vegetables on their plate were grown in a garden, the fried chicken they loved so much was also a farm product, and the glass of milk they enjoyed with their favorite homemade cookie was compliments of Bessie the cow or Nanny the goat.

Rype and Readi Farm MarketNot so with the newest generation. Today’s children are more apt to recognize brand names such as McDonald’s or Kraft Mac and Cheese than they are the name of a vegetable. In fact, it is reported than a third of schoolchildren don’t know that vegetables provide vital vitamins and 7% don’t know that cheese is a dairy product.

Rype & Readi would like to help change all that. That’s why we’re inviting local schools and groups to schedule field trips to our farm and why we’re also offering fractional shares of our farm for those interested.

We believe every trip to a farm can be educational, rewarding, and fun! For children who have never pulled a carrot from the ground, gathered eggs, or petted a goat, a visit to the Rype & Readi Farm can be a real discovery!

twin baby goats

R&R farm animals not to be missed include Pedro & Paprika (our chickens), Clyde & Monty (our donkeys), Betsy, Zoey, Maybelline, Cole, Vinny & Annabelle (our cows), Boris the Russian Blue cat, and Lucq, Managing Partner Jean-Sebastien’s beloved dog, who comes from a long line of sheep-herding border dogs in the village of Lucq-de-bearn in France. (Yes, Lucq actually flew from France to America.)

Small bags of animal food are offered, should the children want to feed the animals.

Children can see not only rows and rows of vegetables and flowers growing in our garden, but can see a modern hydroponic garden that was installed with the help of the local branch of the UF PWACS. Depending on which time of year they visit, there might even be an opportunity to pick a fresh orange from a tree or even some fresh blueberries.

Easter Egg radishesA visit  can yield even more discoveries for the children as (depending on the time of year) they might find Easter Egg radishes, rare Okinawan potatoes which, when sliced open, are a beautiful purple color, edible orchids, delicate microgreens,  Honeymoon melons, fresh papaya, avocados, a variety of squash, zucchini, fresh green beans, strawberries, fresh honeycomb, cool and refreshing Hibiscus tea, fresh lemonade… and much, much more.

Who knows? A trip to the farm might turn that picky eater into a food connoisseur or even inspire a future farmer. It will definitely be something they won’t soon forget.

Teachers, please ask about Rype & Readi math, science, and nutrition lesson plans to inspire your students to germinate lettuce seeds in your classroom to plant in our hydroponic stacks and later return on a field trip to harvest and prepare wraps with our farm chef. Also, what is more adorable than a class adopted farm animal mascot? We believe all young minds are filled with promise and possibility. Rype & Readi Farm Market is organized to inspire possibilities in agriculture that can lead to exciting futures. We invite all educators to commiserate on our farm for fun, food, and discovery.

For more information or to reserve a visit to the farm for your group, please contact Jean-Sebastien Gros at RypeNReadi@gmail.com

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