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Cooking classes pairing classic, old world preparations with local farm fare with fresh, local seafood. 

Portuguese CATAPLANA

The name of this dish comes from the unique pan in which it is cooked. Available on every street corner in Portugal, the pan features two copper bowls connected by a hinge and a clasp. The cataplana is filled with ingredients, closed and heated over a stove. It is then opened at the table, releasing a cloud of steam and the incredible aromas of the finished dish. Of Portuguese origin, forerunner of the modern pressure cooker, the cataplana allows cooking various types of food, giving to them all a unique and unmistakable flavor through its hermetic steam cooking. Its harmonious shapes combined with its versatility makes the cataplana a very special utensil, unlike any other.

  What to Expect:

  • Mayport shrimp, Cedar Key clams, Mussels, and fresh local whitefish
  • Chorizo sausage, vine ripe tomatoes, and hydroponic farm fresh herbs
  • A vegetarian version
  • Farm Fresh Avocado Salad salad
  • Flaming Cherries Jubilee with vanilla cream desert
  • Recipes
  • Complimentary Portuguese wine and port
Rype & Readi Farm Market offers a variety of cooking classes / wine tastings / farm fests each month. We can also customize a private class for you and your friends or colleagues! You’ll not only learn some great recipes, but also a fair amount about culinary techniques and food history while enjoying wines of the region.  Classes are pre-paid and non-refundable – nominated substitutes are welcome.