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Ever been lulled by the siren call of the cheese case?  All those wedges milky goodness staring back at you and making your mouth water… but then panic sets in.  Will you like that creamy yellow-white round of…cheese? You really don’t know what to call it other than Cheese… Is it a Brie or a …. Cheddar…. Or a?

You might know a few types of cheese and know you like one kind or another but you may not be sure what others will tempt your pallet or leave you running for the door. Well Rype & Readi’s Gateway to Cheese 5 part course will answer many of your questions.

Using Cheese Master Liz Thorpe’s “gateway” cheese classification system, we start with cheeses you know and like and put them into groups with other cheeses you may not know, but like all the same, based on their familiar textures and flavors.

You will learn:

  • Basics about types of milks and cheese making
  • What cheeses are “like” each other in texture and flavor
  • Develop your pallet to identify flavors commonly found in Cheese
  • How to identify cheeses you might like by look and taste
  • How to pair cheeses with other foods and wine

Come to one, two or all  five of the classes – each one exploring two “gateway” cheeses and the familiar flavors and textures of other lesser know options. Wine and nibble parings are part of the class!

Our classes are always exciting, informative and a whole lot of FUN!

Classes are from 3-4:30pm  on the following dates:

June 10 – Mozzarella & Brie

July 01 – Havarti & Taleggio

July 22 – Manchego & Cheddar

August 05 – Swiss & Parmeasan

August 26 – Blue & Misfits

$60 per person per class – classes limited to 12 people.