Fresh Local Shrimp

Our fresh local shrimp is just what you need when you’re wanting to grill out….or maybe boil & peel….or perhaps batter & fry! Packed with such essential nutrients as vitaman B12, iodine, choline, and selenium, our fresh local shrimp is not only a delicious and filling way to feed your family, but undeniably good for your body and brain as well.

Low in calories and protein-rich, shrimp is both satiating and a treat for the palette. Good for eyes and skin, many health experts believe both the astaxanthin and DHA in shrimp to be vital for one’s health and well-being.┬áThe minerals found in shrimp also contribute to the health of our hair! A deficiency of zinc may cause hair loss. Zinc plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining new cells, including skin and hair cells, so for those who are beginning to undergo hair loss, or at least are starting to notice a decrease in hair growth, it can work against that embarrassing reality, keeping you looking younger for longer!


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