Genius Gluten Free Bread

Genius GF Bread

The day they set out to bake a gluten-free loaf that tasted every bit as good as traditional bread, they knew they’d set themselves quite a challenge.

But their inherent love of food meant they left no loaf tin unturned until we hit on the winning recipe – and so

‘Genius’ seemed like the perfect name to reward all our hard work.

Their motivation was quite simple: they felt everybody deserved to enjoy the pleasure of a delicious bacon sarnie or a hot buttery piece of toast. We all need to feel excited by what’s on our plate – after all, isn’t that what great food is all about?

It hasn’t always been easy to get hold of fresh gluten-free products but we’re proud to say it’s Genius who changed that. Their beloved bread was their first creation but they’ve gone on to make everything from Pains au Chocolat to pies since, and they’re not stopping there.

There are just three simple rules to for Genuis bread: it has to taste great, it has to be the best quality and of course, it has to be gluten-free…

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