Gluten Free Pasta!

RP’s Pasta Company Gluten Free Pasta’s now available at Rype and Readi!

RP’s founder Peter Robertson developed this award-winning fresh gluten-free pasta recipe which utilizes brown rice flour as the primary ingredient.  Our certified fresh gluten-free pasta has the same al’dente texture as our traditional pasta. Nobody can believe it’s gluten-free!

Our products are made with the finest all-natural ingredients, an appreciation for Old World culinary traditions, and most importantly, a love for food. From our traditional Egg Fettuccine to our Pumpkin Tortelloni, to our award winning fresh Gluten-Free pasta, we hold quality and flavor to the highest regard in every batch.  We use artisan pasta making techniques that include making pasta in small batches on Italian machines, using a hand rolled process, and extruding pasta though brass dies. These methods produce pasta with a true “al dente” texture.


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