Heini’s Cheese


** Discontinued**

Using 100% Jersey cow natural, artificial hormone free milk, Heini’s Master Cheese-makers produce some of the finest cheese in the U.S.

“Heini” is a short version of “Heinrich”, a typical Swiss name that shows our heritage.

Milk received at Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. to produce Heini’s Brand and certified organic Green Field Farms by Heini’s cheeses comes from a pasture based milk supply. This means that the cows are sent to pasture between milking times when the weather allows. At milking time the farmer may feed the cows small amounts of hay and grain to balance the cow’s needed nutritional balance. When the climate is acceptable and cows are pastured most of their diet is derived from fresh grass. In the event of extremely cold temperatures or the snow ground cover prevents the cow from reaching the pasture grass, the cows are kept in the barn where daily rations are fed of hay, corn silage and grains to keep their nutritional values as needed to assure cow health which in turn stabilizes milk production.

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