Hibiscus Tea

Fresh Organic Roselle Hibiscus (also known as Sorrel)

hibiscus a/k/a sorrelCultivated from the hibiscus flower, this sweet ruby-red tea is a delicious indulgence and a holiday classic in the Caribbean.

Sorrel is a small annual plant native to the Caribbean. It can be eaten raw, made into an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, or used to flavor ice creams, jams, jellies, and sauces.

Sorrels are grown for the fleshy dark red sepals which remain beneath the blossoms after the trees have flowered. They are soaked in water with various spices and flavorings and then strained to make a bright red aromatic drink.

Because the sepals are ready for picking during mid-December, Sorrel is normally used extensively during the Christmas season.

There is nothing like fresh, homemade Sorrel, fresh from our Downtown Farm Market! We package the Sorrel in a bag with a cinnamon stick and a piece of ginger.

To make fresh tea: steep in hot water for 2 hours with cinnamon and ginger. Let sit to cool. Strain and sweeten (or not) as you like.

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