The Ice Cream Escapade

It was… technically a warm and sunny day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. The word ‘technically’ is used here due to the fact that the descriptors utilized are somewhat inaccurate, though not necessarily incorrect.

The word ‘warm’ was right, as the day was nowhere near being ‘cold’, but it didn’t quite fit on account of how it failed to touch on just how muggy the air was. ‘Sunny’ also served a purpose to an extent, due to how the sun was indeed clearly visible, but it didn’t quite convey just how incredibly radiant it was on that day.

So, while ‘warm and sunny’ could technically describe the day, a more appropriate description would be that the day was ‘scorching and blinding’.

The day’s extreme climate was particularly well-known at the Farm Market, with all the unfortunately furry and feathered animals trying and failing to beat the heat by bumming around in what shade they could muster.

One animal in particular who was succumbing to the heat was the poor Babydoll lamb Caramel, who was strewn out in the shade of the barn and all but roasting in her woolly coat.

“So hooooot…” the poor lamb bemoaned miserably, her tongue lolling listlessly from the side of her mouth. “I think I’m gonna meeeeelt…”

“Ya know…” a voice spoke up above Caramel’s head as someone stepped up in front of her. “That mi-i-i-i-ight just be the solution we nee-e-e-ed.”

Caramel tilted her gaze upwards and weakly waved a hoof in greeting. “Hey Gomez,” she sighed wearily. “Whatcha talkin’ about?”

“We-e-e-ell…” Gomez shrugged carelessly as he scratched behind his ear. “I’m ju-u-u-ust cud-balling here, but why don’t we do like the hu-u-u-umans do to beat the heat and go get some i-i-i-ice cream?”

“You mean…” Caramel perked up slightly, her curiosity injecting a spurt of vitality into her heat-lagged body. “At the Whetstone?”

ice cream

“Eh-h-h-h…” Gomez waved his hoof in a so-so gesture. “Yeah and na-a-a-ah. That over there’s the Whetstone Chocolate store. The I-I-I-Ice Cream store’s up on Saint Geo-o-o-orge Street.”

That statement caused Caramel to flop anew with renewed exhaustion. “But that’s so faaar… I’ll never make it!”

“Yeah, me nei-i-i-ither, we’d both collapse if we tried…” Gomez nodded sagely, before slooowly adopting an eager grin. “Unle-e-e-ess… we take the Trolley!”

Caramel perked right back up. “The Trolley?”

“Ye-e-e-eah!” Gomez nodded eagerly. “The Old Town Hop-on Hop-off Trolley! Goes ri-i-i-ight by Whetstone, and it has a sto-o-o-op at St. George! We can go, have some ice cream, see some si-i-i-ights along the way, and be back before sundown! Whaddaya say, you in?”

Obviously, there was only one right answer a well-behaved child could give to that question.

Caramel hopped to her hooves eagerly. “Let’s do it!”

That was not the well-behaved answer.


A few hours later, just as the day was growing late and the sun was starting to go down, the Farm Market’s phone rang. One of the employees answered it, and called for one of the adult sheep, Coffee, to come and take the call.

Coffee looked at the phone inquisitively. “Hello?”

“Hi Aunt Coffee!”

“Caramel!” Coffee gasped in concern. “Oh my, where are you?! We’ve been looking all over for you and Gomez all day!”

“I’m fine, I’m fine, just a bit stuck! Gomez and I are at the Fountain of Youth!”

Coffee leaned back and blinked at the phone in confusion. “Uh… ‘scuse me?”

“We took the Trolley to go and get some ice cream, ‘cause it was so hot! We saw tons of cool places, like the Villa Zorayda and the Wax Museum and the Ripley Museum and-!” 

“-and now it’s past 5,” Coffee interrupted her niece as she eyed a clock. “And the Trolleys have stopped so you and Gomez are stuck, right?”

“…yeah…” Caramel admitted sadly.

“And unless I miss my guess… you forgot to get ice cream, too, didn’t you?”


“I thought so,” Coffee nodded sagely. “Let this serve as a lesson to the both of you: having a good time is nice and all, but always make sure to remember what’s important while you’re doing it. Understood?”

“Yes, Aunt Coffee.”

“Glad to hear it!” the adult sheep nodded with a smile. “We’ll send someone by to pick you up right away and take you out for some ice cream on the way back, so don’t go anywhere!”


“Also, when you get back, you’re grounded for leaving the Market without asking permission.”


by Baxter Balick, Rype & Readi Contributing Author, Flagler College Sophomore

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