Grow your Own Mushrooms

You can do it!

We offer Exotic Earth Shiitake Mushroom Blocks for a one-of-a-kind experience in growing your own mushrooms at home. The reward for your efforts will be some of the freshest, tastiest mushrooms you’ll ever eat.

With proper care and attention, your Mushroom Block should produce 2-3 lbs of Shiitakes over its 16-week lifespan. Mushrooms Blocks are composed of a unique blend of sterilized wood chips and sawdust and are fully colonized with our own Shiitake strain.

Each Exotic Earth Shiitake Mushroom Block comes with a complete set of instructions for proper care and harvesting. The full, smoky flavor of Shiitake mushrooms is matched by their texture, which is so dense that they’re downright meaty when cooked.

Rype & Readi Farm Mushrooms

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