Musical Melee

It was a bright and sunny day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market.

If anyone were to ask for further clarification regarding the day… they would be disappointed on account of there being no clarification to give.

The day was bright, it was sunny… and more importantly, it was ordinary.

Average, unremarkable, mind-numbingly normal even! Truly, just your run of the mill day.

Or, to put it another way, it was a bright, sunny, and boring day at the market.

And therein lay the problem: none could stand allowing a full twenty-four hours of pure monotony to pass unbroken, so the animals of the Market sought out any form of diversion or entertainment they could locate to break the ennui. Some animals started playing in the grass, others took baths in what water they could scrounge up…

And others took pleasure in one of the most enjoyable pastimes known to all sapient-kind, propagated and enjoyed beyond even the bounds of the human species.

I speak, of course, of music.

All living things enjoy music, and it just so happened that the Rype & Readi Farm Market sported a rather impressive sound system that the animals always took pleasure in enjoying when they had the time.

At the moment, the market’s musical facilities were being put to use by Ducky, who was bobbing his beak happily to the strumming of Country music.

“Hmm-mm, hmm-mm, hmm~MMmm…” the water fowl hummed along happily to the music, sighing in contentment as the dulcet guitar washed over him like a cool shower. “Ahh… truly, there is nothing more enjoyable than Country…”

Apparently, someone else had a different opinion, because all of a sudden the calm, measured tone of Country was replaced with the fast-paced, finger-blistering beat of-!

“Woo, long live Bluegrass!” Henrietta clucked joyfully as she shook her tail feathers to the beat of the banjo’s notes, loving every second of the heart-pumping song.

“What the-Henrietta!” Ducky squawked indignantly, flapping his way up onto the counter next to the chicken and glaring at her. “I was listening to that! Put my song back on!”

“What, you mean your snooze fest?” Henrietta laughed. “Not a chance! You’ve had your time, now it’s mine!”

“I said put! It! Back!” Ducky shoved his bill in her beak.

“And I’m telling you this!” Henrietta shoved right back, glaring bottles of orange sauce [equivalent of glaring daggers?]. “Make. Me.”

For what felt like a short eternity, the pair squared off. And then…



The two became a furious frenzy of flapping and slapping feathers and persistent pecking.

Thankfully, their squabble didn’t last too long, as suddenly the music that had been playing in the background suddenly cut off-


And a sharp clearing of the throat drew their attention up to Paprika, who was staring down at them from the countertop with an unimpressed expression, her wingtip on the music’s pause button.

“Couple things,” she started in an even tone. “First, ignoring the fact that you shouldn’t be fighting at all, you should doubly make certain that you never fight, or roughhouse in general, around valuable appliances. If you break it, you’ll be the one paying for it.”

Ducky glanced away with unease.

“Second, you should never change the music channel without asking permission from either the device’s owner or whoever is listening at the time. It’s not dangerous, but it is quite rude.”

Henrietta coughed uncomfortably into her wing.

“And finally…” Paprika pushed a button on the music player… and the sounds of an electric guitar filled the Market.

“Classic Rock reigns supreme, and don’t you forget it.”

electric guitars

And with that the older hen ran off at full speed, the two furiously protesting birds hot on her talons.

Just another average, ordinary, far from boring day at the Rype & Readi Market.

by Baxter Balick, Rype & Readi Contributing Author and Flagler College Sophomore

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