The Popsicle Parable

It was a humid and cloudless day at the Rype & Readi Farm Market. Normally, this would be the description of a terrifically terrible day at the Farm Market, due to the intense heat and muggy air rendering the open-air market into a scorching, wavy-aired barbeque pit.

Today, however, that description was one that all the animals met with joy and excitement, ignoring the oppressive heat entirely.

And why was this heat entirely ignored, one might wonder?

That was easy: following the recovery of Hurricane Irma, several changes had been implemented to the Farm Market, such as the expansion of the store’s selling floor into the adjacent stable, as well as a change in the position of the store’s cash registers. But in this case, the aspect of the Market’s metamorphosis that was truly relevant was the addition of an entirely new type of product to the Market’s stock.

This miraculous product, that made the unbearable heat bearable, that made the horrendous climate all worth it… was none other than ice cream, a whole freezer-full of it.

Now, granted, all that the Market had to offer at the present time was a scant variety of fruit-flavored popsicles, so actually enjoying the frozen treats was a bit of an involved task for those animals who bore hooves. But if the choices were enjoying an icy mouthful of goodness or sweltering through the day without? Then the animals were all more than prepared to put in the necessary effort.

This determination to beat the heat was aptly demonstrated by Gomez and Caramel, who were enjoying their precariously positioned popsicles with immense pleasure.


“Mmmm…” Gomez bleated with a content hum. “Thi-i-i-is really takes the edge off, ri-i-i-ight?”

“Mmm… yeah…” Caramel nodded absentmindedly, her attention more focused on looking her popsicle over than on licking it.

Gomez was quick to notice. “Something wro-o-o-ong?”

“Eh… it’s just…” Caramel waved her free hoof uncertainly. “This is good you know? But… I just can’t help but feel like it could be better. Am I selfish for thinking that?”

“E-e-e-eh…” the young goat nodded his head side to side thoughtfully. “We-e-e-ell… maybe, maybe no-o-o-ot. Humans sometimes put nu-u-u-uts on their ice cream, ri-i-i-ight? Maybe you could get some too-o-o-o!”

Sneaking off to the Distillery

The Babydoll lamb perked up instantly. “That’s brilliant! Oh, oh, and why stop there?! Maybe I could get some syrup, too, or maybe some berries or-or-or who knows! Ooooh, I’m going to go and get some right now!” And with that Caramel shot off with all eagerness.

Intrigued by his friend’s train of thought, Gomez made to follow… only to be halted by a hoof on his shoulder. “I wouldn’t do-o-o-o that if’n I were you,” Bailey warned her son.

“Aw, ma-a-a-a…” Gomez hung his head despondently. “Why no-o-o-ot? It’s not like it’s wro-o-o-ong or nothin’…”

“Maybe not… but there’s still a goo-o-o-od reason for it. Just you wait and see.”

-Fifteen Minutes Later-


“I told ya, di-i-i-idn’t I?” Bailey deadpanned.

Gomez winced as he took in Caramel, who was prone on her back, her muzzle coated in sticky syrup and sickly moans crawling out of her mouth. “Wha-a-a-at’s wrong with her?”

“Combo of brain free-e-e-eze and su-u-u-ugar crash. Let this be a lesson for you, so-o-o-on,” Bailey nodded sagely. “Sometimes, there’s such a thing as too-o-o-o-o much of a goo-o-o-o-od thing.”

Gomez started to nod in agreement… before pausing as a thought struck him, and he glanced at his mother in confusion. “Wa-a-a-a-ait, didn’t we do this mo-o-o-oral already?”

Bailey flinched at the uncomfortable reminder and coughed surreptitiously into her hoof. “Se-e-e-econdary moral, Gomez: So-o-o-o-ome lessons bear repeating. Got it?”

“Ye-e-e-es Ma.”

“Good. Now help me ro-o-o-oll poor Caramel onto her stomach before she pu-u-u-ukes on herself.”

“Bleeeeurgh…”Caramel, the babydoll sheep

by Baxter Balick, Rype & Readi Contributing Author, Flagler College Sophomore

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