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Get Your Pre-Paid Provisions Card Today!

You can purchase your card in-person at any Rype and Readi location with cash or a credit card.

To purchase a card online and have it ready for pick up at Rype and Readi Downtown Farm Market, fill out the form to the right.  Once we receive your information, we will send you an invoice that is payable online! Once your transaction is complete, we will email you when your card is ready for pickup (usually within 24-48 hours from purchase).

You can also use the form to the right to add additional funds to a provisions card you already have.

Rype and Readi
Pre-Paid Provisions Card Particulars

What’s the minimum I can put on a card?  5 Bucks!

Reload fee?  No way!  It’s free to re-load your card in any amount at any time!

How do I get a card?  Come on by in person to any Rype and Readi Location or go online to

Where can I use my card?  You can use your card at any Rype and Readi location; Downtown Farm Market, Golf Bistro or Elkton Farm.

Are there any other fees?  Yup, just one – a $2.50 one time activation fee.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?  Oh No!!  Cards are like cash, once they are gone they are gone!

Does my card expire?  Nope, not unless their is an written expiration date on the back!

Anything Else I should know?  Yes!  We love our loyal customers and periodically, to show our love, you will receive special perks. 😉