pumpkinPumpkins come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. They can be huge, tiny, flat, short, tall, round, pear, necked, smooth, ribbed and even warty. Some pumpkins are fabulous for culinary uses. Some pumpkins are more suited to being carved or displayed.

These are only a few of the favorite varieties:

Baby Boo

These are a tiny little pumpkin similar in shape and size to Jack-be-littles, only they are white in color. If not protected from the sun after they have been harvested they turn a soft yellow in color. They don’t store as well as a Jack-be-little. These are a farm favorite for little ones.


Cinderella Pumpkins are a unique French heirloom whose correct name is “Rouge vif D’Etampes”. The source of their nickname it that they resemble the pumpkin that Cinderella’s fairy godmother transformed into a carriage. This pumpkin is recorded as having been the variety cultivated by the Pilgrims and served at the second Thanksgiving dinner. This is our favorite pumpkin variety. There is something magical about them. Cinderellas make a delightful decorative accent for the fall season, but additionally their flavor is good for any pie or winter squash recipe.


This is an old time pumpkin from France. It is deeply ribbed and has a very smooth hard surface. It is dark green in color when immature, and as it cures it turns a gorgeous deep mohagony. It is fine grained and well suited for pies. Its true name is: Musque De Provence.

Lil’ Pumpkemon

A fun mini pumpkin that you can actually eat! The unusual cream and orange colors make for fun fall decorating.



This little pumpkin is the perfect size for little toddlers hands. They look like a true mini pumpkin and are a shape that can be carved. They are rounder and more upright than a Jack-be-little, and usually a bit darker orange in color. Most of them are about the size of a tennis ball. Sometimes due to their round shape they don’t stand particularly well on their own.


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