The R&R Animals Prepare for Halloween

It was a creeptastic and spooktacular night at the Rype & Readi Farm Market… or at the least, it was gearing up to be one. Halloween was still a few days away, so currently the market was still decorating for the big night.

All the animals were helping out in the decorating in their own ways, having oodles of fun… or at least, most of them were. Others were a bit more…

“Come o-o-o-on, hurry up and sprinkle that wa-a-a-ater! I-I-I-It’s only a few more nights until the-e-e-ey start roaming the streets!”


Namely, Bailey and Gomez were desperately fussing over their pen, with Bailey threading cloves of garlic and hanging them all around the fence, while Gomez poured out water from a bottle with a cross on it.

“You rea-a-a-ally think vampire defenses’ll keep the chupaca-a-a-abra away, Ma?” Gomez asked, shooting his mother an uncertain look.

Bailey snorted, took out a bottle and started unscrewing the top (not an easy feat for someone with hooves). “Son, what do chupaca-a-a-abras do?”

“Suck goats dry-y-y-y.”

“Mmhmm,” Bailey nodded in agreement as she started dousing herself with the bottle’s contents. “And what do va-a-a-ampires do?”

“Suck people-Oh heck chupacabras are goat va-a-a-ampires!” Gomez ran at his mother and started scrabbling for the bottle she was using. “Gimme that garlic o-o-o-olive oil! 

“Hey, this is my-y-y-y bottle, go get your o-o-o-own!”

Meanwhile, other animals were decorating with far more enthusiasm… though at the same time less on account of the… outfits they’d been made to wear.

“This itches…” Caramel whined, shifting around in the bee costume she’d been put in.

sheep in costume

“I know it does, dear, I know,” Coffee sighed, scratching at her own costume as she and her niece rolled pumpkins across the market. “But sometimes, you just have to put up with the parts of life you don’t like to make others happy. If it helps, just comfort yourself with thinking about the day after Halloween, when we can start eating these plump, succulent-!”

“Aunty!” Caramel yelped, hastily catching the older sheep before she could take a bite out of the pumpkin she’d been rolling.

Coffee blushed in embarrassment at the near miss. “Aheheh… whoops? Let’s hurry and get these things in place so that they can be carved. It’s a lot harder to accidentally eat something when it has a glowing face.”


And finally, some of the animals were just spending the day having fun, getting up to their own tricks as they waited for the night of treats.

“Step right up, step right up!” Ducky proclaimed as he tapped his ‘cane’ (really a stick he’d found) against the side of a box he’d put a sheet over. “Come and face your fears in the Chicken Box of Horrors! You’ll be shocked, you’ll be terrified! You’ll be so scared you’ll lay an egg on the spot! Just give it a whirl!”

“And just what’s so ‘terrifying’ about this ‘Crate of Terror’?”

Ducky snickered as he turned to look at Paprika, who was staring at him with a cocked eyebrow. “Afraid that’s a trade secret, ma’am! But if you really want to find out, just walk right in! No charge, I take my payment in the form of your panicked screams!”

Paprika stared at him for a moment longer before shaking her head. “Bah, whatever, I’ll give it a try.” And with that, she walked into the box under Ducky’s amused gaze.

A second later, Drake walked up and gave his sibling and his box a onceover. “Hey brother, what are you-?”

Ducky silenced Drake with a raised wing, slowly ticking down his feathers. Three, two, one and…


Paprika shot out of the tent screeching at the top of her lungs, running around in a panic as though her head had been cut off.

Drake stared after her in surprise for a second before giving Ducky a flat look. “…alright, just what do you have in there?”

Ducky snickered into his wing. “See for yourself!”

And so Drake did just that, poking his head in past the sheet… and then withdrawing it in confusion. “What the… there’s nothing in there except for a menu from KF-!” The penny dropped when Ducky started howling with laughter. “Oh, you are twisted.”


by Baxter Balick, Rype & Readi Contributing Author and Flagler College Sophomore

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