Sonny & Joe’s Hummus

Born and bred in NYC, Sonny & Joe’s® reveals its best kept secret across the nation. Sonny & Joe’s® continues the tradition of handcrafted excellence that first began on pushcarts in the early 1900s. An emphasis on real ingredients belies the philosophy that the truest flavor comes from a focus on high quality. Today the recipes live on in Sonny & Joe’s® spreads, salads and more, prepared in micro batches for freshness, blending spices and ingredients from around the world.

Just Hummus

Our most popular variety: a creamy blend of ground chickpeas, tehini and our special seasoning that makes for ideal dipping and spreading. Just Hummus is delicious on its own and it takes ordinary recipes to that extra notch!

Hot Enough Hummus
(with Hot Peppers)

Three piquant pepper varieties combine with tomato to make our spiciest variety and the zingy centerpiece for any party, from Superbowl to elegant soiree.

Hummus Galilee
(with Galilee Olives)

Chunks of savory black and green olives compliment the flavor of tehini, spices and creamy Hummus.

Hummus with Toasted Sesame
(with Toasted Sesame)

For tehini lovers, toasted sesame is the flavor that permeates the creamy mixture and adds subtle but distinct sesame crunch.

Garlic Addiction
(with Bits of Minced Garlic)

Tiny bits of minced garlic turns this Hummus into robust fare – creating
instant “garlic bread” atop
baguette or doughy pita.

Red Pepper Hummus
(with Roasted Red Pepper)

The smoky taste of roasted red peppers and spices create a subtle
and tasty Hummus variety.

Jalapeno Hummus
(with Jalapenos)

Spicy with just enough zing, this hummus features whole chickpeas along with chopped Jalapenos.

Hummus Pinoli
(with Pine Nuts)

Whole pine nuts, roasted red peppers and parsley add tasty and attractive garnish to the creamy Hummus.

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