The Cows

BetsyBetsy: Betsy is the oldest of all the girls and has self-proclaimed the role of boss lady. She is very gentle and will do anything for an animal cracker, but she has been known to take on the tractor from time to time. Her favorite pastimes are keeping Maybelline in line and making sure she’s current on all farm gossip. Originally Betsy & Vinny were close pals, but Vinny can’t keep up with all the drama like Betsy can.

Favorite Snack: Animal Crackers

Coloring: Brown & White

Breed: Longhorn




maybellineMaybelline: The most mischievous of all the cows, Maybelline is quite the character. If the field is too quiet, leave it to her to stir things up. She’s most known for her extreme dislike of the Vet. Regularly we have a Veternarian come check out the animals and get everyone up to date on shots. Maybelline caught wind that new fly repellant ear tags were to be applied to the herd, and she was not in favor of it. Surprisingly, she ran from the herd and jumped our 6 ft. fence to save herself from the embarrassing orange earring. Thankfully, she missed her cow sisters and wandered back to the farm very early the next morning. She can be a bit pushy at times.

Favorite Accessory: Dragon Fruit Lipstick

Coloring: White with Black Mascara

Breed: Longhorn




Vinny: Named after the movie classic “My Cousin Vinny”, our cow Vinny has been the most vocal cow on the farm. Since loading off the trailer on that cold December night, Vinny moos for just about anything. We got her as a young calf and we were told at first she was a steer. She quickly became the boss of the girls club. She will be found on any given day hanging out with favorite gal pals Betsy and Maybelline.

Talents: She can eat half a watermelon in 42 seconds

Breed: Longhorn

Coloring: white and brown





Annabelle: this sweet girl has a special place in our heart. We got Annabelle at just a few days old and bottle fed her twice a day for about 3 months. She is the youngest and smallest cow in the herd but she is very independent. She doesn’t care much about the pecking order because she knows she’s our favorite. Annabelle and her boyfriend Cole spent their first few months together on the farm before being allowed to roam the 22 acres with the others so they have a special bond. Lately Annabelle had befriended Zoey and has somehow convinced her to massage her neck as they graze at sunset. She’s one smart cookie.

Best feature: Long Beautiful Eyelashes

Coloring: Dark Brown

Breed: Jersey Heifer



ZoeyZoey: the most timid (or conservative) of the bunch. She’s a sweet girl but hangs out in the back of the pack. She generally follows the others and will watch them experiment with new fruits, but she always shows self restraint. Zoey is a queen grazer and very happy with her Bahia Grass pasture. Lately, she’s befriended and taken on the big sister role to Annabelle. They often are found together in their own part of the field scratching each other’s backs.

 Favorite vegetable: Corn

Coloring: Black and White

Breed: Longhorn






Cole: the most laid back in the bunch. He is the only bull in the herd but you wouldn’t guess it by his demeanor. Sometimes he has to break up the catty fights between the older girls, but most of the time he’s just relaxing. When he was younger we could get him to follow us around anywhere with a little grain. He’s a very sweet guy and enjoys being the man of the herd. His favorite snack is citrus rinds.

Talent: He can open a feed bin if given access

Coloring: Coal Black

Breed: Black Angus


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