Urban Accents Chick’n Brine & Bake Kits

Urban Accents Nashville Hot & Spicy Chick’n Brine & Bake Kit

Dry chicken, be gone! Brining is the chef’s secret to juicy meat

. Urban Accents’ complete Nashville Hot & Spicy Chick’n Brine & Bake Kit contains our secret spicy brine blend to lock in the juice, fiery peri peri rub to flavor the meat, and a season

ed crust to add a satisfying crunch to you chicken dinner. Each bite has a tantalizing touch of spicy heat.

2014 “best brine for your bird” foodnetwork.com


Urban Accent Tuscan Garlic & Herb Chick’n Brine and Bake Kit

3 layers of flavor. Brine for flavor. Brine for moisture. Creative culinary blends. Natural fl

avors. Small batch crafted. No MSG. Brine, rub & crust 1 delicious chicken. Rosemary & garlic – yummy. Bringing is the chef’s secret to the juiciest meat. Brine: Lock in the juice. Rub: Flavor the meat. Crust: Herby crunchy finish.

Urban Accents brine


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