Welcome to the Rype & Readi Blog!

Rype & Readi is a 22-acre farm-to-fork marketplace offering food, fun, and a fresh source for premium, local farm fare at an affordable price. Creating a community of related agribusinesses, our products are grown right here at home: in Rype & Readi gardens and at neighboring farms. More than a market, Rype & Readi is a family-friendly St. Johns County destination for families, chefs, farmers, and people that just love to eat local foods. Stop by the Rype & Readi Farm Market today Рthere’s always something to see, do, and taste!

Our premium fair includes fresh organic produce including garden vegetables: hydroponic lettuce & herbs, mushrooms, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, peaches, and more. Working with local neighboring farms, we offer an expanded line of products and provide a convenient market place to find local favorites with ingredients to enhance them.

Our farm is set up to accommodate school groups (teachers, please ask about our fractional share lesson plans and field trips), cooking classes, farm feasts, catered events, Zen zones for private gatherings, and even a petting zoo. On opening day we were blessed with birth of two baby goats! Born to pigmy parents Baileys & Cream, visitors helped name our adorable twins Kahlua and Gomez!

Partnering with some of the best chefs, restaurateurs, farmers, and agricultural groups in our area, our blog will feature information about everything Farm-to-Fork we think you would find interesting. We encourage you to comment and participate in this blog! Please check back regularly and let us know if there are any topics or events that may interest you. Let us know what you think and what farm fare you’d like to see at Rype & Readi. And please support the other local farms and restaurants in St. Johns County. Together, we can make St. Johns County a farm-to-fork leader in premium, quality food and healthy living.



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