Exploring AI in Online Shopping: Making eCommerce Better

Exploring AI in Online Shopping: Making eCommerce Better

Changing Things with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of things for everyone. But one thing that changed and even got better is online shopping. We call it ecommerce. Traditional ways of doing business are also changing to fit into the online world. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping to make online shopping in eCommerce better for all of us.

Online Shopping, eCommerce, and AI: Working Together

A report from the International Trade Administration tells us that during the pandemic, more people started shopping online in eCommerce. In 2019, 13.6% of all the things people bought were from online shops. But in 2023, during the pandemic, this number went up to 21.1%. This big change in how people shop made businesses think about how to make online shopping even better. They started using AI, which is like having smart computers, to make the online shopping experience great.

How AI Is Changing Online Shopping Right Now

AI is helping online shopping with eCommerce in cool ways. Let’s look at three things:

  1. Live Shows for Products:
  • Now, shops can show us things in real-time. They can use video calls and chat to talk to us and show how things work. AI can even make digital people who talk to us like real hosts on TV!
  1. Quick Help from the Shop:
  • If we have questions or need help, AI helps us talk to real people from the shop right away. We can chat or talk on the phone, and they help us quickly. This makes shopping online easy and fun!
  1. Special Suggestions Just for Us:
  • When we shop online, AI can understand what we like. It suggests things we might want to buy based on what we looked at before. For example, when we use Amazon, it suggests things based on what we bought or liked before.

What’s Coming Next with AI, Online Shopping, and eCommerce

The future of online shopping and eCommerce with AI sounds amazing. Three cool things are coming:

  1. Talking with Smart Computer Helpers:
  • AI will help us shop with smarter computer helpers. They can talk to us on video calls, making online shopping feel like talking to a friend in a real shop.
  1. Super Fast and Personalized Information:
  • AI will make information we see online change really fast. It can show us things like product details, reviews, and special offers that fit what we like. This way, we always see what’s best for us!
  1. AI that Understands What We Want:
  • AI will get even better at understanding what we want to buy. It will know when we want to buy something and what we like. This way, it can help us find the best things without us even asking.

Looking to the Future: How AI Will Make Online Shopping Awesome

As technology gets better and we want different things, AI will be a big part of making online shopping and eCommerce even better. The mix of live chats, quick help, personalized suggestions, and new ideas with AI will shape how we shop online. It’s not just about buying things; it’s about making online shopping fun, easy, and just right for each of us. Get ready for a future where shopping online is like having a smart friend help us find exactly what we want!